MilesStones Photography | Policies








Professional Fee:  This $150 non-refundable fee must be paid on or before the date of the shoot unless otherwise arranged with the photographer.  This fee covers the time and talent of the photographer.

Cancellation:   Changes in time and location may be necessary given that most sessions will be conducted on location.  I also understand that we are all busy and sometimes other things in life must take priority.  However, I do ask that you provide me the courtesy of a phone call, preferably 24 hours or more, in order to reschedule.

Product Fees:  The cost of products, including prints and CDs, reflects the additional time and talent the photographer dedicates to each and every photo in post processing.

Refunds: I want you to be completely satisfied with your session.  If you are not  satisfied, I will re-shoot the session.  If you are still not satisfied, I will buy back any products that may have been purchased. However, the professional fee is non-refundable.