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I am Alyson Wright - photographer! It has taken me about 30 years to comfortably call myself a "photographer". I never new if I had had enough training, taken enough shots, or joined the right professional groups. So why now? Maybe it is age, but I think it more that this has been a passion of mine for so long, that, well - I must be a born photographer!

The first time I ever saw a photo and though "wow" was in a family friends home. It was a large professional portrait of the their children on a play set - proudly displayed in a prominent position in the family home. Of course, the picture was fabulous, but what really struck me was how it was displayed and the effort the parents went to get the shot. It said to me "my kids are important!" I knew then and there that I would do the same for my family. A few short years later, I realized I could also help capture those shots for a other families and, at age 15, my father gave me my first "real" camera.

Since that time, I have endeavored to learn, practice, and hone my skill - and yes, my home is filled with portraits of my children!

I hope you enjoy visiting my site and if I can help you in anyway to capture "that moment" - be it family, couple, or event - please don't hesitate to contact me.

Thanks for visiting my site!